Fervent Night

She texted: “be here tonight as soon as you can”.

I was taken aback because Maggie usually sets up a time like, “I’ll be finishing up with my last client for the day at 2. Can you make it?”

Normally I’d drop everything and rush over but I was at work trying to get the assignment I had before tomorrow’s deadline. I told her my situation.

“That’s cool, just come over tonight, k?”

“I’ll text you when I’m leaving”.


“Be there in 15 minutes,” I texted her when I left work.

Our interest in our usual late night trysts had been diminishing lately. For me, it was lots of work and impossible deadlines. Maggie said she had booked more clients than usual. Many wanted longer sessions.

Her door was unlocked. I entered. The place was dark except a few candles in the living room and some light from the slightly open bathroom door.

“Strip and put on your collar, ” she called out from the bathroom.

I did as she ordered.

She walked out of the bathroom dressed in stockings attached to a corset. She sat on the edge of the couch.

“Kneel,” she pointed to a spot in front of her lap. As I knelt, she attached a leash to one of the d-rings on my collar. She spread her legs and pulled me into her.

I licked my lips in eager anticipation.



She twisted the handle of the leash around her fist and tugged me closer.

“suck!”, she ordered.

I immediately began licking her outer lips.

“Closer,” she tugged me closer to her.


I kissed her as close as I could get, tasting her scented lips. When I retreated for air, she tugged me back. I was turned on like I used to be with her.

I hummed and vibrated her as my tongue explored.

She moaned louder and tugged me harder than ever.




Are we dating, or just having sex?

I’ve been in a several-night stand relationship with Maggie for some time.




She calls me late at night and I come over. The sex is great.

Guys tell me how they envy my situation of sex without the relationship. If sex with Maggie was just vanilla, maybe I’d agree with them. But I have an intense longing for her. I want to be with her more, like on a date. And yet she keeps pushing me away every time I bring up the subject about ‘us’.




Should I go or should I stay? I just wish I knew where I was with Maggie.


She just texted me. I gotta go!


Lets Talk…

“The only time I see her lately is for late-night sex,” I told Jake the bartender.  I was feeling a bit used by Maggie.

“You should tell her what you want,” he said.

“I’d like to,” I said, “but it always ends up the same way.”

“A lot of guys would envy your situation,” he said, “maybe just go with it for awhile.”

My phone ringed. It was a text from Maggie: “Tonight at 2 OK 4 U?

I quickly replied with my fingers on the mobile: “OK

“Well,” I finished my drink, “I’ll take your advice and tell her tonight.”


“but first another drink!”


I arrived at Maggie’s promptly. She let me in. She was in her latex catsuit.

“Come on in, Kenny!” she said cheerily.

“Good to see you again, Miss!” I said, “you know we should talk!”

“Talk?” she said, “It’s late and what would you want to talk about?”

“Us,” I said.

“Is something wrong?” she glanced at my expression.

“No,” I said, “everything’s perfect”

“Good,” she smiled, “then let’s get on with it. Take off your clothes.”

“But,” I protested, “shouldn’t we talk?”

“You remember when you first met me you agreed to do everything I told you?”


“well then, off with your clothes and stand over there,” she pointed to the rack suspension near the wall.

I slipped my shorts down and walked over to where she was standing.

“Hands forward,”  she said. She tightened the shackles on my wrists. “Spread your legs”. She attached more shackles on my ankles. In a few moments, my arms were tied to the rings at the top of the rack and my feet to the rings at the bottom.

She brought a leather flogger toward my face. “You like the smell of new leather?”

“Yes,” I gasped at the long stiff leather strands.

“You’ll be the first to feel it!” She stepped behind me and began lashing my back and butt.

“Ow!” I began to feel the sharp sting.




“Ummm”,  I released the tension on my shoulders and felt the heat from the blows of her whip.

The whipping went on for a while. I lost track of the time. She brought out the leather paddle and spanked my butt.


I blanked out either from tiredness or the surge of warmness I felt. She released me from the rack.

“What do you say?” she asked me.

“Thank you, Miss!”

“Good boy. Now serve me.” She walked into the bedroom and I followed her. She slipped off her latex pants and pushed her underwear down to the floor.

“Kiss me back here”, she pointed to her butt.

I followed her direction as she bent over.

“Lick it up and down”.

I followed the path of her fingers. Eventually, she walked away.

She sat at the edge of the bed. “Kneel here” she pointed to a spot in front of her legs.

I knelt before her as she spread her legs open and tugged my hair, pulling me toward her.


I worshipped her for a long time.


“Now,” she said, “what was it you wanted to talk to me about?”

“I’d like to go on a date with you.”

“Silly boy,” she laughed, “this is a date!”










Black Moon, pt. 3

Maggie kissed me goodbye and drove off to see her Pet.

I watched the tail lights recede down the street. I felt like she left me…again. I hoped to be her pet for the weekend but she went off to be with one of her former pets.

I didn’t want to return to my room . Several of my roomies would probably be there watching the game, drinking beer. Nothing wrong with that…but just not what I was expecting tonight.

I returned to the bar. There were a few people inside. The bartender was clearing tables and wiping them down.

“Hey Ken,” he said, “what’s up?”

“I just saw Maggie off,” I said a little forlorn. I took one of the stools a the bar.

“Oh,” he glanced at me, “sorry ’bout that, bro!”

“No problem,” I replied, “it happens now and then.”

“Well,” he continued, “I’m closing up but you’re welcome to stay a while.”


“Another drink?”

“Yeah,” I felt comforted, “I could use another.”

“Your usual? I’ll have it for you in a couple of minutes.” He collected the empty glasses in his tray of and set them into the sink. He checked his mobile and texted into it. I looked around. The other patrons were putting their coats on and leaving.

“Here’s your drink, ” he said.

“Thanks,” I said, “how soon before you close?”

“We’re closed now,” he said and went to the front door,  locked the dead bolt and turned the “open” sign around. “But you can stay. My partner, Marie,  is coming down to help me close.”

“Thanks guy,” I said. Marie usually served lunch at the bar. I had chatted with her now and then.

Marie came in from the back door.

“Hey Kenny,” she said, “how’s it going?”

“OK,  I guess.”

“OK?”, she looked at me, “you seem a little sad?”

“Well,” I said, “I was hoping to hang out with Maggie but she left.”

“Yeah,” Marie smiled, “she’s a hard one to pin down.” She began wiping the bar. “Maybe you’d like to hang out with us tonight?”

“Yeah,” I looked up at her. Her strawberry hair accents complimented her smile. “I’d like that.”

“Well, if you help us close up we can play a little,” she grinned.

I’d been to the backroom with Jake. He was huge and very skilled at using his cock. Marie was cute in her tight jeans as she bent over to put supplies under the sink.

I helped them place chairs on top of the tables and swept the floor. Jake followed me with the mop. We were done in a few minutes.

“Have you seen our dungeon?” Jake asked.

“I’ve been down there a few times.” I had been to some parties in the dungeon with Maggie & her friends but I didn’t see much because it was so dark and crowded.

“would you like to join us down there tonight?”

“Cool.” I tried to cover for my fear and insecurity. I had bottomed for Jake before but without any bondage.  I had never done a session with both Jake and Marie.

He picked up a satchel he had under the bar, Marie carried a smaller bag and they walked to the stairs.

“To the dungeon we go,” Jake said. Marie laughed. I followed them down the stairs.


Ropes and chains were hanging from the hooks that were attached to the wooden ceiling  beams. A large ring was suspended near the center of the room. A few suspension racks were arranged around the room. Several bondage crosses were leaning against one of the walls. Spanking benches and bondage tables filled the middle of the room.  Some slings filled the corners of the room.

“So what would you like tonight?” Jake asked me.

“I’d like to try out this spanking bench”, I pointed to one of the benches.

“What would you like us to do?”

“spank and flog my butt,” I answered.

“OK,” Jake said, “lets do it”. I stripped down to my shorts and walked over to the bench.

“I can leave one of your hands unbound if you like,” he said.

“No, I’d like it if you tied both wrists and ankles”, I said. I felt Marie would protect me from Jake getting a little too rough. I bent over the bench, placed my knees on the bottom supports and my arms into the arm rests. Jake fastened the straps for my arms and legs.

Jake felt my butt with his hand. He started spanking it lightly. I liked the firmness of his touch.

“Do you want something harder?” he asked.

“Yes.” I said.

“I have this soft leather strap you might like.” He pulled out a leather strap from his bag and displayed it before me.

“Yes,” I’d like that. It was similar to one Maggie used on me.

Marie came over to the front of the bench and touched my cheek.

“would you like me to flog your back?” she asked.

“Yes, ” I said as Jake brought the leather strap hard on my butt, “please”, I choked a little.

Marie picked out a brown suede flogger from Jake’s bag and began lightly swishing it across my bare back. My breathing picked up.  Jake alternated his swings with Marie’s in a rhythm to my flinching.  The pain rushed to my head.

“Harder, Ken?” she asked.

“Yes,” I gasped as another hard swat on my other butt cheek. Marie pulled back and applied hard strokes of the flogger across my shoulders.

Marie and Jake worked me over to the point where I was shaking.  My body was sweating from the heat on my skin. I felt a rush of warmth from my but to my head. I adjusted to the steady rhythm of their spanks and flogging. I wanted this to last all night.


“Whew,” Marie said, “I don’t know about you, Jake, but I need a break.”

“Yeah,” Jake said to her, “I’m thirsty.”

“You want some cold water?” he asked me.

“Yeah.” I began to regain consciousness. My back and butt was warm from the impact play they had done with me.

They released me. We went to the mini bar. Jake pulled some waters out of the small refrigerator and we began drinking.

“You really like this, Ken?” Marie asked.

“Yes,” I said, “I usually get this from Maggie when we play.”

“I thought so,” she said.

“How can I thank you?” I asked.

“You can help me play with Jake.” She looked toward Jake. “Tell Ken what you want.”

“I’d like you two to suspend me on that rack,” he pointed to one of the structures in the room,  “beat me and make me cum.”

We walked to the rack. Jake removed all of his clothes and attached his wrist and ankle cuffs. He raised his arms up to the upper part of the frames.  I stood on a low stool and attached the rings of his wrist cuffs to the chains hanging from the hooks at the corners. Marie attached his ankle cuffs. Jake’s arms and legs were now spread out on the rack.



“Jake likes this flogger, Ken,” she retrieved a black leather flogger from his bag and handed it to me.

“I’m going to use the quirt on his butt,” she said as she pulled a black two-pronged short strap from his bag.

“Ready Jake?”

“Yes, ma’am,” he said.

“Ready Ken?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I said as I raised the flogger. I remembered the way Maggie flogged me and  I began slapping the strands across Jake’s chest in a similar manner.

“Harder, Jake?”

“Yes, Ken, ” he gasped as Marie struck one of his butt cheeks with the quirt. It made a loud slapping sound, “harder!” he yelled.

I struck his chest faster in both directions, overlapping each stroke with the one I used before. I learned this from Maggie. She would say: “I’m spreading my strokes so you’ll feel it all over”.

I could see Jake’s chest turn a reddish glow. Marie and I continued working him over. I could feel the heat radiate from his skin. I brushed against his legs and felt his erect cock sticking out. I took it in my hand and massaged the skin up and down, squeezing lightly at the tip. Jake began moaning.

“He really likes that,” Marie said. She encouraged me to play with his huge member. I couldn’t resist. I dropped to my knees and took it in. Jake moaned louder. Each slap of Marie’s strap drove his cock further into my mouth.

“Uuuh!” Jake cried out as he released big gob of his junk into my throat. I worked behind his tip and milked more from him as he writhed in an ecstatic motion. Marie hit him harder and more of his juice rushed from the base of his dick to his tip.

When Jake was spent I released him and stood. Marie approached me and pulled me by the hair toward her. She parted my lips with her tongue. She pilled a gob of Jake’s cum from my mouth. “Mmmm,” she said.

Marie and I kissed for a while while Jake had sunk into his bonds. Our lips were making smacking noises from the tack of Jake’s stuff. Jake moaned softly.

“I guess we should release Jake,” Marie said. I unhooked his wrists while Marie unhooked his ankles. We both helped Jake to the bed where he collapsed. He was shuddering from the beating he received. We felt colder from the night air of the dungeon. Marie laid on one side of Jake while I was on the other. We placed our arms around him to warm him.


Eventually Jake turned and kissed Marie while he was rubbing my erection. She sighed. He turned and kissed me.


“Now”, he said, “it’s Marie’s turn”










Black Moon, pt. 2

I walked behind Maggie along the narrow hallway that lead to the back room of the bar. She was wearing a schoolgirl skirt, leather corset, white blouse, black stockings and high goth boots. I gazed at her muscular thighs as she struted forward. I was getting hot.

She unlocked the door and we stepped in. The room had stacks of liquor cases at one end and a small table at the other. We walked to the table. She turned and pulled my head toward her and kissed me.

“Silly boy, I won’t hurt you!” She slapped my face playfully and sat on the edge of the table. “Now kneel and pull out your cock.”

I knelt before her and pulled out my stiff member. She checked her mobile and set it on the table.


“Lift up my skirt,” she said. I lifted the fabric. She was wearing a skimpy black thong. “Take it off”.

I slipped the thong to the top of her boots.

“Now kiss me,” she said.

I went in.

“Deeper,” she gasped, “I want to feel that tongue” She opened her lips with her fingers and I dove in deeper. My tongue moved in and out of her.

In minutes she was moaning. “I’m coming,” she said. I started to hum and vibrate her with my tongue. She yelped loudly.

The door opened. The bartender stuck his head in. “Oh, excuse me, I heard something and didn’t realize you were still in here” he said, “I’ll come back later”.

“Unnh”, she groaned. Her mobile chirped.


She glanced at the mobile. “I just got a message from Pet – he’s coming!”

Shoot..I’m coming! I shot my load into her thong.


“I’m sorry,” I said


“That’s ok,” she said as she pulled up her thong.

“Don’t you want me to lick that up?” I asked.

“No” she said, “I’m going to gag Pet with it.”

“Pet has a fetish for that?”

“Yeah,” she went on, “I’ll tell him it’s from you.”


We got dressed.

“Walk with me to my car,” she said.

As we walked past the bar she gave the key to the bartender. “Thanks Jake!” she smiled .

“No problem,” he said.


When we got to her car she turned and pulled me to her. We kissed.

“I’m going to miss you, Magg!” I said.

“Don’t wait up for me,” she said, “I’ll be with Pet all night and tomorrow he’ll take me shopping for toys.”

“OK,” I said and tried to conceal my disappointment.

“But you have a good time tonight,” she said, “Maybe we’ll go to the dungeon tomorrow evening.”

“Yeah,” I said, “I’d like that.”

“Thatta boy,” She kissed me again. “I’ll text you tomorrow,” she stepped into her car and drove off.







She brought me into it…and I’m happy to be here

At first Maggs wanted to check out my reaction about her second job. She introduced me to the dungeon that she shares with Mistress Ella. It wasn’t too humiliating to submit to her with another Domme present. I eventually met Domme E’s slave, J and Satyr. I never thought of myself as bi until I met these guys. Now, there’s no turning back.
Maggie is a Physical Therapist by day and “Mistress M” by night. Her clients are mostly older guys. I usually pick her up at the dungeon when she’s working late. I’ll take her to her place and treat her to a warm bath, a footrub and anything else she prefers.

“All this stuff I do with guys makes me horny,” she said as she slipped off her skirt while I was filling the tub with water.

“Come here,” she pointed to a spot before her feet, “show me how you worship me!”
I knelt before her and slipped off her stockings as she leaned on my shoulders. I began kissing my way up from her feet. She leaned back on the chair and spread her legs open.



“Kiss me here,” she whispered. My tongue followed her finger as it circled around her sex. I laved it, circling from the outer labia to her moist inner lips. I’m happy to serve her this way.
We continued for a few minutes while the steam from the warm water in the flickering candlelight fogged the room in a warm red glow.

“I want you to join me with a client,” she said. I began combing the soap from her hair.
“He wants forced bi”.
“What do I do?” I asked.
“He’ll be tied up and kneeling at your feet. You’ll get him to deep-throat you.”
“Has he ever sucked a guy?”
“He says he hasn’t but he’s had the fantasy for a long time.”
“OK,” I said. I’d had sex with guys before but not in a bdsm way. I’d topped and bottomed with Domme E’s slave J and Satyr. Sex is way more exciting when its mixed into bdsm.
“He’s in his 50’s” she looked at my expression, “are you cool with that?”

“I haven’t had sex with older guys,” I said.
“I have some pills that will help you out.”



It isn’t what you want – it’s what she likes

When you’re in a submissive relationship with your partner you do not control the interaction. Often I wish she wouldn’t punish me as hard as she does


it hurts so much.

And then other times she’ll make me do things I’m not in the mood for


And still I run to her place anytime she calls. Maggie appreciates me when I do these things for her


She’ll give me a big hug to show how she likes me.