Fervent Night

She texted: “be here tonight as soon as you can”.

I was taken aback because Maggie usually sets up a time like, “I’ll be finishing up with my last client for the day at 2. Can you make it?”

Normally I’d drop everything and rush over but I was at work trying to get the assignment I had before tomorrow’s deadline. I told her my situation.

“That’s cool, just come over tonight, k?”

“I’ll text you when I’m leaving”.


“Be there in 15 minutes,” I texted her when I left work.

Our interest in our usual late night trysts had been diminishing lately. For me, it was lots of work and impossible deadlines. Maggie said she had booked more clients than usual. Many wanted longer sessions.

Her door was unlocked. I entered. The place was dark except a few candles in the living room and some light from the slightly open bathroom door.

“Strip and put on your collar, ” she called out from the bathroom.

I did as she ordered.

She walked out of the bathroom dressed in stockings attached to a corset. She sat on the edge of the couch.

“Kneel,” she pointed to a spot in front of her lap. As I knelt, she attached a leash to one of the d-rings on my collar. She spread her legs and pulled me into her.

I licked my lips in eager anticipation.



She twisted the handle of the leash around her fist and tugged me closer.

“suck!”, she ordered.

I immediately began licking her outer lips.

“Closer,” she tugged me closer to her.


I kissed her as close as I could get, tasting her scented lips. When I retreated for air, she tugged me back. I was turned on like I used to be with her.

I hummed and vibrated her as my tongue explored.

She moaned louder and tugged me harder than ever.




Are you ready to go to the next level?


I rush over to Maggs place after her last client leaves. It was hot in her flat. She was stripped down. I stripped to my shorts and tee shirt.

“So how are you tonight?” she asked to assess my mood. She clutched my cock and balls through the boxers. I hardened immediately.

“You know how I feel for you,” I said.

“Well,” she looked at my expression. My eyes were wide open. “Tell me how you feel!”

“I want you more than anything,” I said, “I’ll do whatever it takes to be yours”.

“Are you serious?” she asked.

“Yes, anything…” I said as my voice trembled. I feel as though I’m on a tightrope and about to fall if I look down. My fear of her is as great as my desire of her.

“I want you to strip and lay on the bed,” she said.

I followed her directions and laid on the rubber sheet. It was already damp from her last client. I could smell his cum.

She tied my hands and feet to the corners of the bed. She picked up a quirt and began whipping my thighs. I flinched and turned to my side.

“Can’t take a little pain?”  she said.

“I’m just not ready”, I answered. I’m never ready to endure pain inflicted by her because she never lets up. I would use my safeword, but I’m afraid she’ll reject me.

“You’re such a baby!” she said. “I know you’re holding back on me, but you won’t use your safeword. Tonight I want you to experience more pain than usual. I’ll take our time and you can use the safeword if you have to.”

She continued. The pain of each lash landing over the same area became excruciating. I opened my mouth and was about to scream.

“Shall I stop?” she asked, “or do you want me to gag you?”

I glanced at her expression of near- disappointment. “No,” I whispered, “please continue.”

“Good boy,” she said and raised the double-tipped strap higher and smacked my chest harder. I endured the intense whipping as much as I could but the feeling of fear and nausea was about to overtake me.

“I want you to say that you want to suffer for me,” she said.

She found some narrow cord and clothes pins and applied them to my chest to my cock, stringing each one to the cord.

“I want to suffer as much as I can for you,” I said.

“No that isn’t what I told you to say,” she said, “now say it the way I told you!”

“I want to suffer for you,” I whispered through my dry mouth.

“I didn’t hear you,” she yelled. There was a fierce look in her expression like I had never seen before, that resembled a mad sadistic glare of cruelty. I became afraid of her like I had never been before. My cock was shooting up harder than it had ever been.

“I want to suffer for you,” I shouted, “I love the way you make me suffer when you have me this way.”

I saw a gleam in her eyes. She pulled each cord and the pins popped off my skin. The rush of blood to the pinched area was even more excruciating than anything I felt before. I must have passed out from the pain.



“Do you want some water?” I heard her voice as if from a distance. I snapped into consciousness. I felt incredible pain on every part of my body. Maggs must have sensed my panic.

“Yes, please,” I whispered.

She brought the bottle toward my mouth and tipped the water into it. The cold water splashed on my face. “I have to give my clients lots of water when it gets so hot these days.” She smiled at me. My skin was burning from the blows she gave me.



“I’ll make easier for you to drink.” She released my feet and propped my chest up with some pillows.

The water cooled my parched mouth and washed some of the spittle from the corners of my lips.

“You remember what you said,” she prompted, “about suffering for me?”


“Do you still feel that way?”


“I like it when you’re suffering that way,” she smiled, “if you want to stay with me there will be plenty more of this. Are you ok with that?”

“yes.” I felt as if I were making a commitment.

“Good,” she beamed, “maybe you’ll eventually come around to liking this?”

“I hope so,” I said.




Sex should be a perfect balance of pain and pleasure. Without that symmetry, sex becomes a routine rather than an indulgence – de Sade


Are we dating, or just having sex?

I’ve been in a several-night stand relationship with Maggie for some time.




She calls me late at night and I come over. The sex is great.

Guys tell me how they envy my situation of sex without the relationship. If sex with Maggie was just vanilla, maybe I’d agree with them. But I have an intense longing for her. I want to be with her more, like on a date. And yet she keeps pushing me away every time I bring up the subject about ‘us’.




Should I go or should I stay? I just wish I knew where I was with Maggie.


She just texted me. I gotta go!


Black Moon, pt. 2

I walked behind Maggie along the narrow hallway that lead to the back room of the bar. She was wearing a schoolgirl skirt, leather corset, white blouse, black stockings and high goth boots. I gazed at her muscular thighs as she struted forward. I was getting hot.

She unlocked the door and we stepped in. The room had stacks of liquor cases at one end and a small table at the other. We walked to the table. She turned and pulled my head toward her and kissed me.

“Silly boy, I won’t hurt you!” She slapped my face playfully and sat on the edge of the table. “Now kneel and pull out your cock.”

I knelt before her and pulled out my stiff member. She checked her mobile and set it on the table.


“Lift up my skirt,” she said. I lifted the fabric. She was wearing a skimpy black thong. “Take it off”.

I slipped the thong to the top of her boots.

“Now kiss me,” she said.

I went in.

“Deeper,” she gasped, “I want to feel that tongue” She opened her lips with her fingers and I dove in deeper. My tongue moved in and out of her.

In minutes she was moaning. “I’m coming,” she said. I started to hum and vibrate her with my tongue. She yelped loudly.

The door opened. The bartender stuck his head in. “Oh, excuse me, I heard something and didn’t realize you were still in here” he said, “I’ll come back later”.

“Unnh”, she groaned. Her mobile chirped.


She glanced at the mobile. “I just got a message from Pet – he’s coming!”

Shoot..I’m coming! I shot my load into her thong.


“I’m sorry,” I said


“That’s ok,” she said as she pulled up her thong.

“Don’t you want me to lick that up?” I asked.

“No” she said, “I’m going to gag Pet with it.”

“Pet has a fetish for that?”

“Yeah,” she went on, “I’ll tell him it’s from you.”


We got dressed.

“Walk with me to my car,” she said.

As we walked past the bar she gave the key to the bartender. “Thanks Jake!” she smiled .

“No problem,” he said.


When we got to her car she turned and pulled me to her. We kissed.

“I’m going to miss you, Magg!” I said.

“Don’t wait up for me,” she said, “I’ll be with Pet all night and tomorrow he’ll take me shopping for toys.”

“OK,” I said and tried to conceal my disappointment.

“But you have a good time tonight,” she said, “Maybe we’ll go to the dungeon tomorrow evening.”

“Yeah,” I said, “I’d like that.”

“Thatta boy,” She kissed me again. “I’ll text you tomorrow,” she stepped into her car and drove off.







It isn’t what you want – it’s what she likes

When you’re in a submissive relationship with your partner you do not control the interaction. Often I wish she wouldn’t punish me as hard as she does


it hurts so much.

And then other times she’ll make me do things I’m not in the mood for


And still I run to her place anytime she calls. Maggie appreciates me when I do these things for her


She’ll give me a big hug to show how she likes me.

You’re #Leashed – Get Used to It

“I’m going to have a friend over”, Maggie pointed to the floor. “I want to put your collar on”. I knelt down before her. She slipped my collar around my neck.

She clipped a dog leash into one of the loops on the collar. “now go into the kitchen and make some treats.”

Her friend Lena came over and they sat on the couch.  “Bring our drinks and the treats you made “, Maggie ordered.

I brought the tray with the drinks and food to them. Maggie took the leash and forced me to kneel before her feet.

“Are you my slave?” she pulled my face up with the leash.

“Yes,”  I was ashamed to be collared and leashed before a stranger.

“What was that, slave?” she asked. Lena was smiling.

“Yes ma’am” I cleared my throat, “I am your slave”.

“Are you mine?” Maggie asked.

“yes, I’m proud to be yours,” I said a little louder. I felt flush from the humiliation of being collared and leashed before a stranger.

“Slave,” she said, “straighten up and be our serving table”.  The women watched as I lifted the heavy tray up toward them. They started on the snacks and the drinks.

My arms began to tire from holding the tray. I tried to suppress my pain but Maggie saw I was struggling.

“Slave,” she said to me, “take the food away and finish your chores in the kitchen.” I took the tray back to the kitchen and resumed cleaning up.

Eventually Lena left. Maggie ordered me to go to her bedroom and sit on her bed .


“How do you feel about the leash?” she asked.

“I feel like you own me.”

“And do you want that?”

“Yes, ” I said, “I want to belong to you.”

“Good,” she started scraping my chest with her nails.


“You passed the test.”

“What test?” I asked.

“I wanted to know if you would accept your collar and leash when we’re with strangers.”

“I hope I did what you you expected,” I replied in an apologetic way.

“You did fine,” she said, “I wanted Lena to see you as my slave.  She invited us to her party. You’ll go with your collar and leash.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

“Now I want you to know what your leash is for,” she said, “stand up and bend over the bed.” I could see her attaching her strap on.


“You’re my favorite slave,” she said.




Tables are turned – on me

Lately I’m the one pursuing Maggie but she often rejects me because she’s too busy and tired. She’s seeing more clients at the dungeons and old friends are visiting for the night. I’ve returned to sleeping in my apartment after waiting long evenings for her call. I get so horny thinking about what we’ve done together but now I have to wait. I’ve almost given up at times.

But then she’ll call me late at night when I’m usually tired after a long day at work. Sometimes even guys like me are not ready for #bdsm


but with a little prodding Maggie gets me in the mood.