Black Moon – pt. 1

Can’t CU tonight. I’ll be @ Sadies @ 6. B there.” the text from Maggie popped up on my mobile while I was watching the moon disappear in an eclipse.

I felt anxious.  Was my relationship – if you call it that – with Maggie,  over…again? I felt a lump in my throat.

The guys at work were swilling beers in the company break room while we watched the moon. The sales dept. treated us to a big spread of chips & beer as they told us about the new clients they signed on this week.

When the booze was almost gone, people started slipping out for the night.

“Hey Kenny,” my shiftmate, Tim,  said, “we’re all going to Sadies, wanna join us?”



Some of us carpooled to the bar. I figured my buds would give me some support if Maggie dumped me. I wasn’t looking forward to meeting her like this.

“So,” Tim asked as he pulled out of the parking lot, “You still seeing Maggie?”

“Yeah, I think so,” I answered absently. My mind was elsewhere. I kept going over what I might have said or done that might make her drop me.


“Kenny!” Maggie was sitting at a table by herself sipping a red wine.

“Can I get you anything?” I offered.

“No,” she said, “Just sit. I have to tell you something.”

Usually she directs me to fetch her something or kneel by her feet. I took a seat directly across from her.

“You remember Mark?” she asked.

“You mean your former…”

“Pet,” she said, “before you”.

“Yeah,” That Mark. I met him here a few nights ago. We did some things in the back room. He was really huge.  Did she know?

“He’s going to stay the night with me,” she drew my hands toward her and  looked at my expression, “I just want you to know it’s just for tonight”.

“Oh,” I tried to muster a smile.

“You’re still mine, yes?”

“I want “, I choked  quietly, “to be yours”. I  looked around the bar. My work buds were talking it up with the bartender and didn’t notice us.

“I told you when we first met I’m in an open relationship.”

“Yes, I remember,” I began to understand what she really meant.

“You’re not jealous, are you?”

“A little.”

“I understand,” she smiled, “and I think it’s kinda cute.”

“I’m doing my best to hold back and not get possessive with you.”


“That a boy!” she pointed a finger at the floor before her feet. “Now get over here and kneel!”

I felt really shy and humiliated to kneel like this with my buds around.

“Good boy,” she turned toward me and lifted my head up to meet her gaze. “Now listen.” she whispered, “I got the key to the back room from the bartender. I have a few minutes. Do you want to come?”

“Yes,” my voice picked up. She stood up and pulled me by the ear.


“Next time you’ll remember to wear your collar when we meet here, ” she said, “Now, follow me.”

“Yes, ma’am”.



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