The Violent Client

The dangers of working solo in a #femdom session…can we learn from it?

Welcome to the Domme House

Every sex worker, whether “full service” or otherwise, has the story of “that time that a client got violent.” It’s why massage therapists hire security, ostensibly it’s why prostitutes have their pimps, and it’s why ProDommes have our spotters. Something happens to human beings when they enter a space in which societal expectations not only don’t exist, but where the client is expected to remove the mask they wear so tightly on a day to day basis.

That “something,” is that sometimes, they lose their fucking minds.

For a massage therapist and a prostitute, the general conclusion is, “you got an asshole client.” And that’s not entirely wrong when it comes to the world of Professional BDSM services, too. A client who acts smart and goes beyond “topping from the bottom,” shifting straight into outright attempts at control and manipulation via physical means, is a client who should expect a…

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