On Chokers: It’s just a necklace really.

so what’s with “choker shaming” these days? Are we going too ‘politically correct’?

Vishakha Somani

So I noticed this little bit approximating women who wear chokers as “prostitutes” rounding about on social media the other day.

Now I work in fashion and I always thought we are generally accepting of the more untamed and somewhat alternative fashions. And chokers are such harmlessly dainty looking things. Look at Manet’s Olympia above, chilling like its nobody’s business wearing nothing but that tied choker. This is an 1865 painting and yes, I saw it at a Prostitution exposition so I know what its all about. 

But can you register the time when it was an image of prostitution? 19th Century. Do you understand how archaic that makes your standpoint? I’m hoping you do. 

Now I’m from the ‘you do you’ school of thought. However, I’m sorry, if I see educated humans retaining critiques that ought to be beneath holy carcasses, it even irks me a bit. Maybe even…

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