Bound, Objectified, and Raw – Yes Please

How the F/m imagery is out of sync with what real people do…with a link to some examples.


The vast majority of Femdomme porn is targeted at male viewers. One presumes the folks creating and marketing this material would know what the majority of their audience wants to see. So either I’m in the minority, or smut peddlers are out of touch with a segment of their market.

Because, apparently, a large percentage of male viewers don’t want to see themselves trussed up, stuffed, and objectified. Instead, most of the shots are concentrated on a some kind of stereotypical Domme, often grasping a single-tail whip that would rip flesh wide open. Well, that or there’s like a gazillion pics/movies where a woman  straps on a dildo, and then thrusts into a squirming bottom repeatedly until it’s time for the obligatory reach around.

Maybe it’s purely a point of view thing?  Maybe ‘most guys’ with these fantasies want to see their sexy/cruel Domme at the best angle?

I don’t know at this point, but…

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