Why sadists scare me. 

how one might be reluctant to submit to a sadist…b/c it may show an angry “fight-back” side of them…and the sadist might leave them


It seems I am being wooed by a self proclaimed sadist. Let’s call him Shirt.

I am hesitant. Not because of him. He has been kind, thoughtful, chatty even. He’s approached me gently as I would wish and been honest and upfront about his interest in me. So why am I hesitant, scared even?

So far my experiences have been around pleasing the man I am with. Submitting to his pleasure and being used for his pleasure. Having my pleasure dominated. I enjoy being spanked, flogged, whipped. I enjoy the way it pushes me, focuses me, learning how much I can take, the building of pain. But I’m not sure I would describe myself as a masocist.

I have seen that people want to be made to cry, to beg, plead, to writhe, cry out with and in pain. I have seen that people want to see someone experience that…

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One thought on “Why sadists scare me. 

  1. Goodness what an interesting problem and question! I also used to think that I needed to find a sadistic person to complement me, to be my other part. I am quite sure now that it is not so simple. A dom(me), for instance is not just a sadist. Sadism to me is someone who has not worked herself out – ie if she feels sadistic, it is often just anger. But anger is not the place we subs need. We (and I am aware how needy this sounds) we need the domme or dom to care for us, to love us, to love our submission. So no, I do not want an unprocessed sadist. No, not at all.


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