I’m polyamorous!?

How polyamory is more than just sex…[it] is the relationship which I build with a person

The Dragon Rider

I find it quite funny that my first relationship (as such) has ended up being a polyamorous one. When I first met my partner, he asked me what my stance on his non-monogamous relationship status was, and I answered, quite honestly, that I hadn’t given it much thought. Which, was partly due to the fact I didn’t realllyy know what it entailed, and party because it was something I had never come across and so felt obliged to try out or at the very least, not form an unqualified negative opinion of.

I believe that a polyamorous relationship is based around the concept that everyone involved accepts each member into the family as an equal, and love is distributed evenly across everyone. This is understandably a potential cause in itself for disaster, as naturally people have a tendency to form preferences over others. For example, as time has gone by, I appear…

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