Thoughts on ownership

How one can be owned by another if they are ethical & moral…and how grateful one should be that their partner will own them

subject to her reign

How many of you out there are owned?  Put your hands up… Yes, me too and it’s something that fills me with happiness – that I am owned by my Queen.  But, what is ownership?  Everyone’s ideas will vary of course.  These are mine and to quote my Queen: ‘Your mileage may vary’.

Firstly, slavery isn’t legal anywhere in the world these days.  The last country to make it illegal was Mauritania in 1981.  Yes it’s an unfortunate and reprehensible evil that there are many places in the world where slavery still exists, but it’s NOT legal.  So, my Queen can’t legally and materially own me – that’s probably a good thing if you end up with a Dominant who is abusive towards you as it’s possible to get up and go, but in my case that isn’t an issue.

Given that my Queen can’t legally own me, any form…

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