Summer and forced feminisation

You can become your partner’s girl only when you become her slave & she wants to feminize you for her sake

Ladiesontop by Lady Alexa

This post is really a collection of my random thoughts on the topic of feminisation

So summer is here; sort of. Here is London the evenings are light and the temperature is higher: higher than in winter anyway and not without lots of rain. That therefore means that now I have Alice with permanently smooth legs it’s time to see them. It’s a really lovely feeling when you’ve moved things like that on so that it becomes the norm.

I’ve sorted out four or five little summer skirts for Alice that I’ve told her she has to wear for the summer. Believe me they are tiny and don’t cover a lot but that’s how I like it. As I’ve said many many times, you’ll never get any backchat back from a girlie dressed in a little flowery skirt with their knickers or clitty almost on show when you yourself are…

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