You’re #Leashed – Get Used to It

“I’m going to have a friend over”, Maggie pointed to the floor. “I want to put your collar on”. I knelt down before her. She slipped my collar around my neck.

She clipped a dog leash into one of the loops on the collar. “now go into the kitchen and make some treats.”

Her friend Lena came over and they sat on the couch.  “Bring our drinks and the treats you made “, Maggie ordered.

I brought the tray with the drinks and food to them. Maggie took the leash and forced me to kneel before her feet.

“Are you my slave?” she pulled my face up with the leash.

“Yes,”  I was ashamed to be collared and leashed before a stranger.

“What was that, slave?” she asked. Lena was smiling.

“Yes ma’am” I cleared my throat, “I am your slave”.

“Are you mine?” Maggie asked.

“yes, I’m proud to be yours,” I said a little louder. I felt flush from the humiliation of being collared and leashed before a stranger.

“Slave,” she said, “straighten up and be our serving table”.  The women watched as I lifted the heavy tray up toward them. They started on the snacks and the drinks.

My arms began to tire from holding the tray. I tried to suppress my pain but Maggie saw I was struggling.

“Slave,” she said to me, “take the food away and finish your chores in the kitchen.” I took the tray back to the kitchen and resumed cleaning up.

Eventually Lena left. Maggie ordered me to go to her bedroom and sit on her bed .


“How do you feel about the leash?” she asked.

“I feel like you own me.”

“And do you want that?”

“Yes, ” I said, “I want to belong to you.”

“Good,” she started scraping my chest with her nails.


“You passed the test.”

“What test?” I asked.

“I wanted to know if you would accept your collar and leash when we’re with strangers.”

“I hope I did what you you expected,” I replied in an apologetic way.

“You did fine,” she said, “I wanted Lena to see you as my slave.  She invited us to her party. You’ll go with your collar and leash.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

“Now I want you to know what your leash is for,” she said, “stand up and bend over the bed.” I could see her attaching her strap on.


“You’re my favorite slave,” she said.





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