How can she be a #domme if she subs?


I mentioned a few posts ago that Maggi & I have been switching lately. She came home one night after a session with one of her regular male subs and said:

“You remember when we talked about switching earlier today?”

“Yes,” I said as I removed her coat. She was in a tight PVC suit with a wide leather belt, thigh-high fishnets coming out of her high-heeled leather boots.

“I want you to do that tonight.”

It wasn’t long before I tied her wrists and ankles with the ropes she used on me. I placed a blindfold over her eyes. I placed my collar on her neck and attached a leash to one of the rings. I tugged her toward me and held her from behind. I scraped my nails over  her chest and pinched her nipples through the outfit.

“Take me,” she commanded. I was immediately stiff from her order. I wanted to take her right then but I decided to warm her up to it.

I bent her over the bed and held her leash in one hand and a paddle in the other. We began a lengthy spanking session. I got even more turned on when I heard her moans and whimpers from the smacks she was receiving.

I saw a wetness form at the bottom of her butt. I knew it was time. I unzipped her catsuit, pushed her panties and stockings down on her legs. I lubed her butt and my cock and slowly entered her from the back.


EndlessSoliloquy wrote:

It’s a wondrous feeling. Heady, even., being able to experience both of these amazing mindsets, to feel both predator and prey, sadist and masochist, top and bottom.. Yes, I tend slightly more toward the dominant side, but my submissive side has often come calling…

The real satisfaction lies in the hunt, in feeling my inner Domme respond to the submissive aura of someone I love.

And wrapped around that core is a bubbly, silly little submissive who loves nothing more than to hear that I’ve done well, whether it be in the bedroom or not…

Maggs  still  dominates  me…but I really love it when she orders me to take her!






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