That moment when you acknowledge your master and how it changes your life!

Enigmatic Amor

Mr. D has had the idea of collaring me on his mind since the night he put a makeshift collar on me and loved how I reacted to it. He had me measure my neck a few days ago and yesterday he showed me the materials he bought to make me a collar. Mr. D is studying leather craft and has devoted so much time to developing his skill that he has gottenamazingly good in a very short period of time. The collar material is an unfinished belt leather and a red suede kid goat skin. I love how he thinks of me and my needs and desires.

I have several posts to write about the activity over the past two weeks. We went to Mexico, we played there and on the way back. ButI started writing those posts and can’t get my mind off this.Yesterday, we played and both…

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