Best Laid Plans

I made a tasty pasta for our evening together. I  served Maggs her dinner and knelt at her side. She pointed to the floor in front of her. I crawled under the table and pulled into the space before her. She hiked up her skirt. She wasn’t wearing underwear. She slid her hips forward and closer to me. She took one of the peeled carrots and slowly inserted it in her and pulled it out. It was now covered with the slick juice I had come to know and love. She turned the tip of the carrot toward my lips. “Open”, she said.

I opened my mouth and she slipped the carrot in. I licked it with a sucking sound. She shoved it in further. I sucked more. “Now eat it,” she said. I munched on the carrot with delight. She got another carrot and repeated her feeding.

Maggs phone chattered. “Maggie, how are you?” It was Ella.

“Just relaxing with Kenny,” she said.

“Can you do a double with me tonight?”

“When?” she asked.

“Now”, Ella said, “It’s the Captain. He’s in town just for tonight.”

“I’m kinda getting into things here,” Maggie said.

“You remember that special thing we do when you tie me up?” Ella went on, “He’ll pay us lots if we do it now.”

“What do I wear?” Maggie couldn’t remember the Captain’s preference.

“Just your usual fishnets, corset, gloves and boots”.

“What toys should I bring?”

“We have everything he likes at the dungeon,” Ella said.

“Give me a moment,” Maggie said. She lowered herself toward me. “You heard that, Kenny?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I said.

“You don’t mind?”

“I’ll wait up for you,” I said.

“I’ll be pretty late.”

“Please text me when you’re coming back,” I said.

“You’re really nice to me,” she pushed herself away from the table and went to dress in her bedroom.  I cleared the plates and started doing the dishes.

“How do I look?” She came out in her fetish gear.

I turned toward her, my hands wet with dish soap. “You look marvelous,” I said, “now go for it”.

“See you later,” she pulled me into her and kissed me roughly.

“See you,” I said.


I finished cleaning the dishes and sat on the floor. I must have dozed off because I was startled when my mobile chirped with her text.

“LVNG now”

“CU” I typed.

I heard her car pull in to the driveway and I unlocked the door. I knelt and waited for her. She stepped in.

“Welcome home,” I said. She smiled at me.

“You mean you were up all night waiting for me?”

“Well, to be honest, I dozed off a little but here we are,” I said, “lets take those boots off now.”

She sat on the edge of the couch as I pulled her boots off her feet and gave her a foot rub.

“Ah,” she said, “that feels good”.

“Now lets take a shower,” I suggested. We stood and turned her back toward me.  I unlaced her corset and unhooked her bra. She slipped her stockings and underwear off into a pile on the floor and turned and pulled me into her.

“You’re so sweet,” she kissed me. I slipped my underwear off and we walked into the shower. I ran the water and soaped her body gently. I rinsed her and toweled her down. I dried off and turned the covers up while she finished in the bathroom . She walked in.

“Lay on the bed,” she said.

I lay on the open covers. She turned off the light and straddled me. She lowered her hips over my face. I began to kiss her.

“I’ve been looking for this all night,” she said.

“Me too!” I said.




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