What I am getting into?

Some guys mentioned that they saw an online listing for Maggs’ dungeon. I freaked out when I saw her session list. It contained:

Ballbusting, Bondage, Cock and Ball Torture, Chastity Control, Corporal Punishment, Double Domme (with Mistress E.), Electrical Play, Foot Worship, Gags and Hoods, Goddess Worship, Humiliation, Interrogation & Kidnapping, Maid Training, Slave Training, NippleTorture, Objectification, Roleplay, Slapping, Smothering, Spitting,   Sensory Deprivation, Confinement, Trampling, Watersports,  Waxplay, Whipping and Flogging. 

It took me a while to come to my senses. I went to the bar to talk this over with my friends but they had left early. The bartender was there.


“Oh that,” the bartender laughed, “I just wrote about that in my blog the other night.”

“Is she into all that stuff?” I asked desperately.

“Maggs?”, he sighed, “well, I should have told you but my partners urged me to keep quiet and let things happen naturally.”

 “Gee thanks!”  I gulped my whiskey , “you’re a real pal!”

“Hey,” he said, “let me pour you another one. It’s on the house.”

I started to drink it down as quickly as the last one.

“Go easy, guy,” the bartender said, “that’s 140 proof!”

“What am I going to do,” I said, “She’s gonna text me to come over tonight”

“Do what you were going to do,” he said, “but talk to her.”

My mobile chirped. Maggs sent me a text: “cu 2nite @ 2, ok?

I glanced at the bartender. “Tell her you’ll be there,” he said.

BCNU“,  I typed and sent it.


I went over to Magg’s place. The door was open and I let myself in. Her place was lit by hurricane candles in each room. The smell of lavender scented wax filled the air. She was lying on her bed in her leathers.


“Come in sweety,” she said, “and take my boots off”.

I knelt at her feet and undid the straps of her boots.

“I wanted to get out of those boots all night,” she said.  “I had a client who wanted me to trample him with them.”

“How did it go?”. I slipped her boots off.

“He got off on it,” she laughed, “came right on my new boots.” Her boots smelled of new leather and gym towels. “I made him lick it off.”

“I can still smell it,” I said.

“That’s where you come in, sweety,” she said, “you’ll fix it, won’t you?”

“Yes, ma’am,”  I couldn’t hide my resignation.

“What’s wrong?”

“I read about your dungeon on the net”.

“Do you mean Ella’s piece?”

“The things you do in sessions.”

“Ella and I wrote that a long time ago,” she said. “Clients kept bugging us about what services we have so we spelled it out for them.”


“Are you worried about that?” she looked at me.

“I’m afraid you’ll expect me to do things that I might not be ready to do someday.”

“Oh sweety,” she seemed perplexed, “I told you that I wanted you to be my sex-slave when we first met. “

“Don’t worry about that other stuff.” she laughed.

“I’m just confused about so many things,” I assured her. “I like kissing you.”


“Well tonight you don’t have to worry,” she lifted my chin and kissed me.

 “Just help me out of my corset and do what I tell you, ” she ordered me.


She stood and turned her back to me. I unlaced her corset. I slipped it off and placed it on the bed. I unhooked her bra.

I began kissing her neck. Her perfume was a mixture of pepper, vanilla orchid and soft wood scents. She turned toward me.


I pulled her bra off.  I continued to kiss her breasts. They had the smell of sweet, fresh mandarin oranges. Her nipples grew to a warm amber-red color in the candlelight. She pushed my head lower and pointed to the ground. I knelt before her.


“Take off my stockings,” she said. I rolled them down as she slipped out of them. I placed my hands around her legs and began kissing her thighs.

“Place your hands on my side.”

I placed my hands on her hips and adored her.

“Tell me that you want me,” she said.

“I want you more than anything.”


“Then slip these down slowly,” she said.

I slid her underwear down. I smelled the distinct familiar odor of her pheromones, sweat and cum sealed between her skin and the shear fabric. I licked my lips in preparation to explore.

“I kept these on just for you, ” she smiled. She stepped out of her panties and sat on the bed.

“Come here”, she pointed to a spot on the floor before her. I hobbled toward her. She opened her legs wider and pulled me into her.


 “Kiss me,” she said, “show me how you adore me!”


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