Serve us, slave

When Maggie first ordered me to serve Ella and Pauline, I was nervous. I expected to be humiliated and embarrassed. I was also afraid that I would make mistakes and not perform as well as Maggie expected. I thought I might be judged and rejected by her friends. But Maggie told me to follow her directions. I followed her orders to bring the tray to them.
Maggie directed me to get on all fours. She balanced the tray on my back.
After they finished their tea, Maggie removed the tray and told me to take it back and wait until she called for me. When I went into the kitchen I could hear the women whispering.
“Come back here, slave K, ” Magg said. She pointed to the floor . I knelt before her feet.
She attached a leash to the collar, pulled me toward her and slapped me.
“Ladies,” she said to the other women, “I want to show you how slave K is with his tongue.”
Magg pushed her underwear down and pulled me into her. She started stroking her mound.  I licked her outer lips. She opened her legs wider and I went deeper.
I couldn’t see more then Maggie’s skin, my ears were covered by her legs as she squirmed from our activity. Eventually she erupted and I cleaned her drippings. She pushed me away.
“Now ladies,” she said, “who’s next?”
Ella spoke up. I was relieved because I had serviced her at the dungeon.
Maggie handed the leash to her and she tugged me as I hobbled on my knees. I serviced her as the other women watched.  When she finished, she gave the leash to Maggie.
“And how about you, Pauline? ” Maggie asked.
“Yes,” she said, “I’d like to try him out.” Maggie handed her the leash and Pauline pulled me to her.
Maggie and Ella embraced and kissed while I serviced Pauline. She shuddered as my tongue lapped her lips and tasted the salty fluid.
Pauline pushed me away.  “What do you say, slave K?”
“Thank you for letting me serve you Mistress P,” I said.
“Good boy,” she patted my head.
My knees and tongue were sore from serving the women. When they finished their conversation, they bid farewell to Maggie and left.
“So what do you think about Ella and Pauline?” Magg asked me as I began collecting the cups.
“I like them very much,” I said. “Will we see them again?”
“Yes,” she said, “They liked your service.”
“I’m happy to serve them and you,” I said.
“You were a good slave tonight,” she said to me, “I’m going to keep you if you continue to do this well.”
As I finished washing the cups Magg approached me from behind and
pulled my arms back.
She quickly secured the rings on my wrist cuffs and whispered to me. “You’ve been a good boy tonight”.
“Thank you,” I said.
She turned me toward her.
She clutched my hair and pulled my mouth toward hers. “I’m going to reward you with a spanking and my strapon”.
She reached into my boxer shorts. “Follow me”, she said as she pulled my erection.

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