New (actually fun) Sex Game!

A cool #kink game you can play with your partner!

The Secret Life of Introverts

Hello all,

This will be erotica. There are some pictures at the bottom that are not safe for work, and if you’re a friend in real life, think hard about whether you want to see those pictures. There will be BDSM and kink themes throughout this, so if you don’t like that sort of stuff, don’t read! Not so much with gender swapping this time, we focused on dominant and submissive traits and—beyond chastity and some thigh-highs—there isn’t much about gender in this one.

So, yesterday morning I was browsing for a book I could read. I needed something light and fun, nothing too dense—something I could read and put down and still do schoolwork. I went to my files on my phone, and then to my kindle, when I saw that there was a new book in an erotica series I’d been reading, so naturally I clicked it. This…

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