Meet my friends…and serve us!

“Do you agree to obey me still?” she asked me.
“Yes,” I said.
“Then you agree to serve me?”
“Yes,” I said, “I like serving you.” I wanted to reassure her I was still into her and whatever the relationship would require.
“Well,” she looked toward me, “tonight I’m having friends over. I want you to serve them like  you serve me. What do you say?”
I didn’t answer at first. “I don’t know what to say.”
“Just say yes,” she laughed a little, “It’s Ella and Domme P. You have met Ella. you’ll like Pauline. C’mon, what do you say?”
“I don’t know what to do,” I said.  I was doing my best to seem agreeable. I didn’t understand what her command meant.
“Oh,” she said, “you have never done this sort of thing before, have you?”
“No,” I said calmly, “I’m new to this.”
“Tonight you’ll be our cook, butler and servant.”
“Yes,” I began to understand.
“You’ll be wearing that sexy jock I bought you.”
“OK,” I agreed, “is that all?”
“No,” she said, “there’s one more thing”. She retrieved  a leather strip from her toy bag.
“Kneel,” she pointed to the spot on the floor before her. “I’m placing a day collar on you for tonight.”
“OK,” I said.
“I want to show you off to my friends as my sex slave.”

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