Birds of a feather

Note to reader: Maggie & I returned from her partner’s dungeon after a group session with Domme E, her slave J and Satyr, an intern at the dungeon. We had this conversation:
“So,” she said, “how was it for you?”
“It was great.”
“What did you think of J and Satyr?”
“I liked them,” I said.
“Liked?” she asked.
“I was really enjoying the scene with them.” I said.
“Then you wouldn’t mind another play date?”
“I’m looking forward to it.”
“And what about Ella?”
“I liked her,” I hesitated to say much more.
“Ella and I are partners,” she went on, “business partners,” she glanced at me while were waiting at a stop light.  “Well maybe more than business,” she lowered her voice.
“Yes,” I agreed.
“We’re intimate, OK?”
“Yeah,” I said, “I saw that.”
“And you’re OK with that?” she said.
“Yeah,” I said, “I’m cool with that.”
“That’s a relief,” she sighed, “I wondered if you’d react like typical guys.”
“Like what?”
“You know,” she said, “get possessive and all.”
“Possessive?” I said. We were only beginning our relationship. It would be presumptuous for me to make claims on her friends.
“Yes,” she said, “I’ll tell you a secret.”
“I’ve dumped guys who do that.”
“I hope to never think of trying. Stop me if I do.”
“I’m into open relationships,” she said. “I must have told you I’m intimate with some of my clients and Ella too.”
“I think you might have told me,” I assured her. I don’t recall Ella mentioned outside of a business relationship. “Are you intimate with Satyr?”
“Yes,” she said, “who wouldn’t be. That tongue and huge cock.  You also got it on with Jack and Satyr.”
“Yes,” I said, “I knew Jack from before. We hung out at the bar at times.” I glanced at her expression. She was smiling as if she knew. “I’ve gone down on him in the back room and he’s fucked me. And Satyr,  I like him for similar reasons.”
 We now realized we were in an open relationship. She could continue with Ella and Satyr and Jack and who knows who else and I would play with Jack and Satyr and some of my friends.
“you and Jack getting it on” she smiled at me, “was as hot as any of the gay porn we watch. I really think you have a thing for him.”
“I do now,” I said.

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