Spanking Therapy

why a good spanking might not be such a bad thing after all!

Mistress Isobel Herself

The paddle, the spoon, and I can rattle off any implement, but it’s the intention that stings. It’s the therapy of absolvement, paying the price for the thoughts and memories that go round and round your head, feeding the guilt that festers.

A spanking shocks the system and can purge those feelings, and with a loving hand it draws it out further, that no judgement is passed and this is for your own good, truly. Because the satisfaction that I get from it is that you will feel lighter after a good, firm round of measured beatings, knowing how it will be played out, being able to mentally prepare for each set of spankings.

Whether I deliver 5 or 50 beats with my bare hand or with a copy of Forbes Handbook, it ceases to matter once you are in a headspace of receiving penance for your wrongs, however…

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