The way to become a properly trained slave.

How to become a properly trained slave in the past…lessons for today

This is my kinky life...

This lifestyle was about grace, beauty, elegance, etiquette. When you saw a properly trained slave you knew it. Those days seem long gone. But it can still be achievable to have the perfect slave, but only if you understand the training that a true Master will go through, and a true slave that desires to be His properly trained slave. Believe me, if you have entered the lifestyle I the last few years, you ain’t seen nothing like this.

( for this writing I’m using the term ‘slave’, in the lifestyle when you start training you are actually spoken to in third person, as you have not actually earned the title of ‘slave ‘ yet. Slave is for either male or female, by I write in female term only).

A short history, the lifestyle has always been about etiquette. It’s about gentlemen and ladies. It was never about sex, that…

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