The Storm to Come

When you submit to your partner, you’ll begin to feel her sadistic delight when you begin to suffer. And you may fear, as Polthus writes in this post, that this is only the beginning…


She’s yet to be as ruthless and cruel as she craves, but the moment’s bound to arrive. When masturbating, she’s often unable to climax until her thirst is slaked with my tears. When daydreaming, the moments she hungers for are as replete with suffering as they are tenderness.

Dominants crave power. They covet the power to cause a submissive to experience pain or pleasure as much as the value their role as guide and protector. After all, what good is it to own a submissive if a dominant cannot dictate which aspect of her power will be experienced at any time?

V has yet to fully taste the extent of the power that’s rightfully hers, but I have no illusions she won’t at some point. In the meantime, certain images populate her fantasies.

In her mind’s eye, she sometimes handles me roughly before it begins. The preamble to my suffering may be devoid…

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