Present yourself, slave

Maggie and I were talking about where we wanted our relationship to go.

“You know I want you to be my slave,” she said.

“Yes,” I said, “I know.” Our relationship started with the agreement that I would become her slave.

“I want you to learn what that means,” she said.

I told her I have talked to friends but got different advice. Then a blogger, stacieinaz , liked one of my recent posts. Her blog described how a slave should behave for her master.  She wrote:

“Teach your slave how to properly kneel before you, present themselves.”


“I’d like you to do that,” she said, “when I point my fingers down toward the floor, like this.” She pointed her finger to the floor before me. I bowed before her. The floor is cold but I will get used to it.

“I like you this way,” she said, “It shows me that you are submitting to me. Do you like it?”

“yes, I do,” I said. It’s not very comfortable but I want to prove myself to her.

“Good,” she said, “then remember that position. I’ll have more for you later. ”






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