Kittens in trouble, Sir has a lesson to teach

I like this post because even if you please your Master/Mistress you still may get punished!

This is my kinky life...

As kitten has been given instructions on how to plz her Sir, she realizes that he failed to give her a timeframe in which to have it all done by. So kitten takes her time. Something that could have taken a day or two. She took several weeks on. She figured if Sir got mad, she would respectfully point that he was the one who failed to give a timeframe. She felt happy with herself that she got it done, even if it wasn’t faster.

Sir had told her that she was heading for trouble, that just because his job took him out of town so often, didn’t mean that she should take advantage.  Sir had noticed that she was being disrespectful and bratty, that it needed to be nipped in the bud now, or kitten may get worse.

Kitten didn’t really heed Sir’s warning. She went along in her…

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