Nipped in the bud

Sunday was our first play day. Maggs had me in bondage during the morning.
“Make me lunch,” she said as she released the nose shackle and hogtie.
“What would you like?” I asked as I shook the cramps out of my arms and legs.   I was relieved to be standing again.
“An omelette,” she ordered, “there’s eggs, cheese and greens in the refrigerator. Spices are above the stove”.
I collected the ingredients and made a small omelette for us.
“Put out only one plate,” she said. I set the table and brought the omelette to the center.
“Now kneel beside me,” she ordered.
I took my place. She sliced a wedge and began eating.
“This tastes very good”, she said, “do you know how to cook?”
“I learned a bit after making meals for my roommates,” I said.
“Cool,” she said. She pulled a bit of the omelette with her fingers and placed it before me, “open wide”.
I opened my mouth and she stuffed the piece in. “Thank you, ” I said.
“I want you to come to the party tonight,” she said.
“I don’t know if I can,” I was beginning to feel tired from a night of little sleep from the pain of her lashes. “I’ll have to get ready for work tomorrow.”
“Oh,” she looked a little disappointed, “well,  maybe next time? Maybe we can play before you go?”
“Yes, I’d like that”.
She directed me to stand in the middle of her  bedroom. She pulled out a small stool and directed me to stand on it and raise my arms up. She pulled  a rope from a pulley in the ceiling and attached a spreader bar.  She used carabiners to tie my wrist cuffs to the ends of it and raised my hands toward the ceiling. She pushed the stool away from my feet. I was standing on tip-toe.  She connected my ankle cuffs to another spreader.
“I want you to feel pain more, ” she placed a blindfold over my eyes.  I became excited. I trusted her enough to let her continue.
She clamped my nipples and wrapped a thong around my cock and balls. The clamps were connected by a chain I heard clinking. She attached something to that chain.
“You remember when I asked you to submit and obey me yesterday?”
“Yes,” I answered.
“Do you still want to do this?”
“Good,” she said, “you know that if you continue to obey me you must do what I tell you?”
“Yes,” I said. I wanted her so much I was willing to do whatever she ordered.
“And if you have reservations about obeying me” she said, “you will be punished, yes?”
“Yes,” I said, “I understand”.
“Well you didn’t obey me at lunch,” she said.
“I didn’t?” I seemed puzzled. I thought I followed her directions for making lunch.
“You refused to attend the party tonight.”
“But I told you I had to get ready for work,” I protested, “wasn’t that a reason?”
“It was not good enough!” she said.
“I’m sorry,” I said. I felt bad. I didn’t know I had disappointed her with my excuse. I guess I had blown her request off in a lame way.
“For that you are going to get a small punishment. Open your mouth,”  She inserted the rope into my mouth. She attached some weights to the other end of the rope. She yanked my cock and it became erect. I felt a sharp slap on it from a whip.
“Ow”, I said. The rope slid from my mouth and I my nipples pulled upward.
“You are such a whiner when it comes to pain,” she said, “I think you are manipulating me to go easy on you.”
“Yes,” I agreed. I was in no position to disagree with her at this time.
“I want you to learn to take my punishment,” she said.
“Yes,” I said. I figured she would introduce me to punishment eventually. But for such a slight? Maybe this would be an opportunity to experience a small punishment before I did something that would deserve a bigger one.
“This time you won’t decide how much pain you can handle, ” she said, “I’ll decide how much punishment you deserve!”
“Yes,” I became anxious and felt fear. I wanted to prove to her that I could take the same treatment she gave to the other guys, but would she go too far?
“Now open your mouth again,” she ordered, “bite down on the rope and this time don’t let go !”
My teeth closed tight on the rope. My nipples felt some relief from the weights but the clamps still pinched. She whipped my cock and balls . I felt incredible pain but I gritted my teeth to keep my mouth closed and prevent the weights from pulling my nipples. Tears were streaming down my face and wetting the blindfold. I began to sob.
“Suffer for me,” she said, “you deserve to be punished for disobeying me!”
Through the pain I felt some relief because she was giving me another chance. I didn’t want to disappoint her again.
“You’ll remember what you said,” as she untied me, “you agreed to let me punish you when you disobey?”
“Yes,” I said, “I’ll remember”. How could I forget this punishment.
“Good,” she said, “you’re learning how to please me. Now lets take a shower together and get ready for the party.” We went into the shower. I knelt before her and rubbed a soapy washcloth on her thighs.
She turned her butt toward me. “Kiss me here,” her finger pointed to her thigh.
She bent over and tugged my head into her.  I began kissing where her hand led me.
She turned the water off. I took a towel from the shelf and dried her off. We stepped out of the shower.
“Be sure to wear your harness,” she said, “you may get a good spanking tonight.”

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