Don’t be nosy…or you’ll be punished

It was my first day with Maggs .  I didn’t have to rush off to work. I fixed a pot of coffee and served a cup to her.

“Lets play today,” she said.

“OK”, I said reluctantly because I was feeling sore from the hard spanking I received last night.

“Put on your hand and wrist cuffs and bring the hogtie”, she ordered.

I buckled each cuff. I presented the short hogtie to her.

“Kneel by the front of the bed”, she ordered. She attached the wrist and ankle cuffs to the hogtie behind my back.

“I have a present for you,” she said as she retrieved a small clip from her toy bag. “Lift your head up,” she pulled my chin toward her. She attached the nose shackle to my nostrils and tightened it.

“Ow,” I yelped as the device pinched hard on my nostrils. “It hurts”.

“Don’t worry boy,” she  reassured me, “it will hurt a little at first but in time you’ll get used to it.”

I breathed deeper to suppress my gasps. I could feel tears coming from my eyes and down my cheek.

“There we are,” she said as she pulled back to admire her work.


“I’m going to attach something to your shackle,” she said as she clipped a metal chain to the end of the device and gave it a tug.

“Ow,” I cried out.

“Sssh,” she hushed me, “I may have to put a gag on you!” she reproached me.

“You see when I pull it how much it hurts?” She tugged the chain more.

“Yes,” I gasped in fear, “very much”. I was afraid she would attach a gag to my mouth and give me a severe beating. I had to accept the bondage she placed me in.



“Lean forward”, she ordered. I did as she commanded. She attached the other end of the chain to one of the eye bolts on her bed post. I was kneeling and leaning forward at an awkward angle.  I leaned back to rest on my knees and felt a sharp pain from the chain tugging my nose. I was in a predicament.

“If you fall on the post, I will smack you,” she warned.

“I’ll try not to,” I pleaded with her.

“Do you want to be my boy?” she asked.

“Yes,” I answered. I was unsure of the right thing to say so I agreed to her.

“Good, then,” she said, “you’ll be put in bondage like this sometimes when we’re playing. Do you want this?”.

“Yes, I do,” I said, “very much.”


“I want you to learn to submit and obey me”, she said.


“And if you get a little too nosy,” she said, “I’ll punish you like this.”






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