KowedKen asks: Romance & Kink

This post was really good advice for me.

Philosopher's Stone Unturned

Ken is a bisexual, submissive guy who has only experimented with other men on the Scene, and never reached subspace.  He recently ran into a woman, Maggie, that he’s seen at play parties.  They drank together, got into some naughty heavy petting (bad boy!) and arranged to meet up soon at a BDSM coffee shop – and perhaps even go to a play party together.

What Ken asks is how to navigate forward from here given the fact that he feels a very real, romantic connection with this woman, but doesn’t want that to preclude their D/s interactions…or the other way around.

Let me start by saying this:  San Francisco has BDSM coffee shops?

Reason #37 I have to live there.  Argh!!!

Moving on.

First of all, Ken, I have been where you have been, many times, and it is a tough but exciting place to be.  You’re feeling anxious…

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